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Kununurra 2… Cows,Crocs,Uni Cyclist and other stuff

We arrived at Lily Lagoon an stayed a few nights simply because we really like this place,we parked up and quickly found that a crocodile was a mere 30 metres away from the bus !! More surprisingly was pitched tents from the waters edge even tho there is a 3 foot river bank. The fully grown croc was assisted by (w think) its smaller off spring !! We sat on the bank (very wary) and was amazed to see a turtle “cleaning” around the croc AND lots of very large fish swimming in close proximity! It is easy to see how good the crocs are at hunting and they seem to disappear when only a couple of inches below the surface.One of my favourite places in Australia is Ivanhoe Crossing and it didnt disappoint.Half across was a fisherman and we thought he;d caught a large fish BUT apparently he used it for bait! The fish he was catching is Barramundi (he showed us one of his catches and it was a metre in length !! This town has only been in existence since 1963 by virtue of the massive Ord River scheme.Time to move on and over the border into the Northern Territory headin for Katherine.Along the way we fuelled up at Timber Creek and stayed overnight at a top cheap stay at the Victoria River roadhouse and the scenery was brilliant ( Million year old mountains,very rocky,red and yet abundant in flora,ie trees and shrub) The Bar top in the pb was great (we think polished Ash) The barmaib was from Estonia and had signed up for a 3 month contract (travelling around Oz ,we have come across lots of young foreigners doing “The Australian Thing” she had not realized how remote this part of the world is (although splendid scenery) and is hoping her time spent here goes quickly !! We saw wandering along the road the biggest cow Ive ever seen ( we steered clear,oh dear!) and we bumped into a Uni Cyclist doing the trip around Oz for his sister,his bum must be very concrete like !! From his web Quote….
My name is Samuel Johnson. My sister has terminal breast cancer.She is the mother of two beaut boys and as such is keen for me to help her remind every mum in the land to be breast aware.How? Well, starting on the 15th of February, 2013 I will ride my unicycle around the entire country, hitting up hundreds of communities and every capital city.We are officially attempting to break the Guinness world-record for longest distance traveled on a one-wheeler(15,000kms)and are proud of our lofty aim to raise $1 million for the Garvan Research Foundation.(his amazing story can be found here.and he is a truly inspirational human being)
Next we arrive in Katherine in the Northern Territory

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  1. hello you two, still wandering I see and having a ball…..I am still dead green but still…
    just to let you know we have sold the house and bought a little one and we are going to by a bus and start….
    I can’t retire yet but we are working towards it, so I hope we will catch up with you on a lap…

    Andy & Trish

    Comment by andy & trish h | May 3, 2013 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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