Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Heading Home via Annies shortcut !!

Our next 3 destinations were at free sites saving upto $150 ! We stayed overnight at an old abandoned railway station (Bogantungan) that has NO housing around for miles ! The place is well maintained including very clean toilets !.Overnight we could hear various wild life shuffling around in the very close wooded area (Annie was reluctant to go outside !) We met up with a lovely couple and they were heading North in their home made (well constructed) caravan We travelled thru a tiny outback town (Wowan) that is sadly dying ! a few derelict buildings,even an abandoned garage. Passing thru Monto (pop 1600) we stayed overnight at the back of a pub Mulgardie Hotel that has great murals painted on the outside and 2 of the patrons happen to be John Wayne & Marilyn Monroe !! The barmaid was from Sweden and travelling around Oz (we have seen so many European young people doing this,great to see) Her English was better than mine !! Moving on we decided to take the short cut home via a dirt,very bumpy and roller coaster track.Although it took a while to do the 100 kms or more the scenery was great and storm attacked streams and brooks were very evident.Half a dozen birds were all huddled together on one branch and I was fortunate enough to get pictures! We have had a great 3 months travelling,both Annie and me caught up with various families and were present for the birth of out latest grandson. Already we have planned for a further FOUR trips before the end of 2013 including a convey of RVs across the Birdsville Track in September.Hopefully we will fully fledged members of a Chapter before the next RV rally in October Great times ahead

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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