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BIRDSVILLE !! & the Races !

Today we travel towards our main destination Birdsville and what a sight going into this town that usually has a pop of around 60,blowing out to 8000 for the races the road side was jammed packed with campers,fortunately for us we are pre booked.Going into town was an eye opener with all sorts of side shows and stalls ( not too badly priced either) To get into the race track tickets have to be pre bought Beer tickets are pre bought also BUT im not prepared to buy mid strength (all thats allowed) for $6.70 a can !! One particular booth caught me eye and that was the old fashioned BOXING BOOTH but Annie wouldn,t let me put her name down !!We have 5 days here and should be great fun..The normally quiet town centre was littered with booths selling all kinds of wares and we have bought a few !!All people drinking at the pub were allowed to throw their empties into the street !! and what a sight The races were very busy ,it was also very hot and fortunately we took our own seating NO winners tho ! Fashion and fancy dress parades were the order of the day and the dress ups were brilliant..Poor horses behind the leader were getting lots of dust thrown at them .Highlight of Birdsville was the flight (30 mins) around the town and the number of campers seen from abovewas tremendous !Lots of desert out there and upon landing spotted a plane that had crashed minutes earlier (No one hurt) and costly as we told around $100,000 damage !! Later on Sunday we took a bus trip out to a massive sand dune named Big Red
Big Red is the largest and most famous dune in the Simpson Desert. It stands approximately 90 metres above sea level and 35 metres above the plain, although height may vary due to winds and dunal movement. This sand dune, which sits 33kms west of Birdsville in Queensland, provides an extremely challenging feat for 4WD enthusiasts although it is not necessary to scale its height to traverse the Simpson Desert as there are alternative routes. When heading out into the Simpson Desert from Birdsville, Big Red is the first and highest of over 1,100 sand dunes that run north-south for hundreds of kilometres. This landscape is dominated by parallel, wind-blown sand dunes ranging from a few metres to 20 metres high. The striking colours and the huge expanse of arid landscapes are some of the reasons why many visitors are attracted to the area.Originally known as Nappanerica Dune, this huge sand dune in the Simpson Desert lies on the western edge of Lake Nappanerica. Nappanerica roughly translates to “water that takes a long time to dry up”. The dune was later named Big Red by Simpson Desert traveller Dennis Bartell.



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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