Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Bedourie,Simpson Desert

Bedourie is our next stop and on the way the motor slowed to around 60 kms 3 times and came good for the next 60 km run,our travelling mechanics will inspect it today..Population is around 200.and we are here for 4 nights taking in a Rodeo and horse races..the town boasts 2 pubs one very old and the other an up to date pub..We are not impressed with the older pub and have already spent 2 good nights in the newer pub.Interestingly both pubs have employed backpackers (2 from the UK) these girls travel on their own seeking new adventures and I would imagine there is a vast difference between Leeds and Bedourie !!.The settlement boasts a free swimming pool with an Artesian (really hot) Sauna pool direct from the ground (entry to this place is free as is entrance fee to the rodeo) We met up with a local aborigine worker by the name of Syd and he is a very entertaining man.His lovely wife Madge is from New Zealand and a character of her own right (also the newer pub cook)It is a lazy,laid back settlement with a GOOD feel to it and once again NO computer signal (I am beginning to like that idea,what did we do before computers and mobile phones ?)Friday evening saw us at the Rodeo and what great fun it was (don’t think the cows and horses were too pleased tho,even tho animals were not harmed) We decided to give the pub a miss tonight as my previous nights consumption was rather heavy !!Saturday we rocked upto the racetrack and entered a Motorhome competition (we didn’t win !) and spent the day watching races and having a laugh with our team mates Betting was grimm and on our part money was lost ! After a great days racing we retreated to our campsite and joined a group and having witty conversation plus a few drinks !! Another great day as our Safari draws to last few days !! We left Bedourie Sunday am and experienced motor problems (slowed down to 60 kms and we had to restart the motor every time we got to this speed) After a discussion with our back boys we decided to push on arriving at Monkira (a park that was literally in the middle of nowhere and even drew complaints on the choosing of this particular site)



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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