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Super Boat Race Hervey Bay

On the Esplanade at the weekend the final round of the 2013 Offshore Superboat Championships at Hervey Bay was a fantastic event with over 25,000 people lining the shore to watch the races and the largest outdoor TV screen in Australia on the shore with live stream from the race which also went to a worldwide audience via the “Motorsportstv” app.Conditions were a challenge for team the wind came up and so did the waves which made for great viewing for the spectators,these boats can get up to 260 kms per hour send great plumes of water into the air !!. At the other end of town where we live (Urangan) miniature model powerboat exhibitions were on display and can get up to speeds of around 160 kms on the waters surface !! The models can be quite expensive with top prices around $5000 ! one small on water accident could prove to be very expensive ! not for me I’ll stick with model trains !!It was a great day out and the 14 km long Esplanade was peppered with small stalls along the way

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This event was a first in Hervey Bay and the local council are applying for it to be held annually as the race injected lots of money into the tourism industry

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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