Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

First Day on the The Vollendam

Early Breakfast then Taxi to the ship Volendam where embarkation proved to be very quick.Our cabin stewardYardi introduced himself and we familiarized ourselves with our cabin with a huge porthole (lovely) Luggage arrived THEN disaster no 2 !! SOMEONE had locked the case keys inside the case !! Maintenance were called but after an hour no one came,so after some extra effort on my behalf I forced one open that had the keys in with very minimal damage and all was OK once again SO we ventured out ona reccy of the boat and came across a FREE ice cream parlour ( Nooooo) I have told Annie this will be out meeting point should we lose each other and I have told her not to panic finding me !! The foodhall has a great mouth watering selection of foods and is a great alternative to the “posh” restaurant We walked for miles exploring this wonderful but old boat and we are happy with the whole set up. Dinner was in the Restaurant and we enjoyed the spiffy meal at a table shared with a couple from Manchester (my birth place) followed by a visit to the Cinema to watch PUSH Free popcorn is offered to patrons and we were the only couple in there !! Later we caught the dying few minutes of the live show introducing the entertainers which looks quite promising in the next few days at sea.We finished the night in the Crows Nest just in time for Happy Hour where 2 drinks can be bought for just $6.25 Annie had TWO bluish strangely names cocktails and still managed to stay on her feet !! Amazingly out of nowhere a lady who had seen me on Facebook called me by name and introduced herself and partner SO nice to meet you Noelene and Geoff..Hell I even had a dance with Annie (she was so surprised with this she felt NO effect from the alcohol) looks like a good trip coming up !! Almost forgot we also attended the 7.30 Xmas tree lighting up ceremony with afew carols thrown in,finally made bed around midnight

Anns Pics (7) Anns Pics (8) Anns Pics (9) Anns Pics (10) Anns Pics (11) DSC_0012-1 DSC_0017-1 DSC_0023 DSC_0034


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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