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Singapore the Last of our Asian trip and then Home

Breakfast with our new found friends ended with cheery goodbyes and disembarkation was speedy except the wait for Taxis ! we are now in our Hotel (The Mandarin) food is very expensive at around $30 each,luckily just around the corner is a Food Hall with great,cheap choices.Bed early and no signs of withdrawal due to not having any alcohol today

Caught DAY bus (Hop on Hop off) and good value for $33.We toured in the open topped bus for around 6 hours getting of at Big Wheel (that boasts being the biggest in the world.out doing Londons Eye) The Chinese Markets were fantastic with lots of very cheap bargains and very colourful.The Markets and streets were decorated with Giant Horses hung high above the streets .On January 31 the Chinese celebrate New Year and of course it will be the Year of the Horse.We had dinner in a food hall which proved to be both tasty and cheap.There is also a Movie Complex (Cathy) situated almost next door and we took advantage of  the very reasonable prices ($8.50) to see Life of Walter Mitty  (first viewed by me lots of years ago and starring Danny Kaye) this latest version starred Ben Stiller and was fairly good .We did a quick walk around this very busy Orchard road before retiring to the Hotel.The streets were bright (and clean,chewing gum is banned here thus eliminating the ” Black Snow” look that plagues Australian and British pavements ! Graffiti idiots are treated to lashes of large cane known as a RATTAN.Streets are very safe at nights which is a great comfort to tourists Weather weekly forecast reckoned Storms everyday we never saw any rain !!

Penultimate day we got a Taxi to BUGIS a huge market complex where Annie bought lotsa stuff .Couple of hours to waste SO we went to afternoon movies to see Hobbit 2 (pensioners $4 and a free coffee or tea before 6pm !)  On our last day we visited (yet again) more shops  and was picked up by arrangement and taken to Changi Airport Singapore & headed for home (7 hr flight) and collect our car parked at the Airport..Signs were bad health wise,Annie has Flu and I had to be rushed to Hospital during the late night on our first day back because my breathing was hard for me ..They did allsorts of tests  and we left around 4 am !! It also got me thinking of the lucky,charmed life I have had !

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  1. Hope you are both recovered. Looks like you had a great time in Singapore. Now we need to go to Bugis street for shopping. Catch you soon. Hazel and Martin xx

    Comment by Hazel and Martin | January 22, 2014 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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