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Queensland’s Beautiful Beaches on Day 6

Day 6 After a great previous night wining and dining we set of to Marlborough Hotel where we have stayed before ( and lost our TV aerial !) at Serena we bought extra coolant just in case!! From there we drove to Armstrong Beach and the scenery and views were terrific..passing thru Koulma,Camila where we had lunch and more fantastic scenery Not being mechanically minded when certain warning lights come on my stomach churns a wee bit and first thing when home is to get the bus serviced !Onto Clairview for  sightseeing BUT seems you have to own a house so that you can see and smell the Ocean !! we didn,t find an opening that would allow us entry to the beach ! Never mind Queensland has plenty more beautiful beaches to explore on the way back.Annie has booked us into the back field at the Marlborough Pub NO power and costing $10 we are self supporting on occasions like this and of course we will visit the pub very soon….The PUB…food was plentiful(ask Annie who devoured a HUGE fish n Chip Dinner while I made do with a pre drinks Bacon Butty (drinking takes precedence over eating in my book!!) Barmaid was from England,good looking but totally lacking in social skills (unlike the lovely young lady the night before) Quick chat with other campers a quick movie then off to bed knackered by 9 pm !!!

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The House on the Hill is really well placed for fantastic views ! (Long way to the Pub tho !!)


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  1. Still following you both! You will be home now and resting up! That can be exciting also!
    Love Linda

    Comment by Linda Williamson | June 17, 2015 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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