Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Japan Day One

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Here we are in Downtown Ginza a “flashy” suburb of Tokyo and we have already sampled the very large electrical stores with both drooling and awe inspired by the massive collection of any thing electrical we were in bed by 8pm after sampling the massive train underground and didn,t manage to get lost !! Only problem being NO lift or moving stairs but a massive amount of bloody stairs ( I am not best pleased with our travel agent who assured me there aren,t any !) The food pictures are actually 3 D models of food available at this particular cafe.We are off in the morning for a city tour and Tower viewing exercise and NO doubt more bloody walking !! TV is crap here fortunately I have movies with us .Japan is very (sadly) influenced by America but is also steeped in a cultural way that epitomises Japan.Shops are full of Manga cards that teenagers eem to rave about here and still the odd local or 2 wear face masks ( for what reason I dont know as this place is exceptionally clean) Currently it is humid and a Thunder Storm is raging as it is the end of the wet season.. BTW Sumo wrestling is VERY popular here even tho the fighting is over in minutes !! It is shown “live” daily on TV and is very traditional…more tomorrow



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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