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Day Three on a bloody BIG Boat

We are currently in Nagasaki around an hour late due to a medical emergency where a passenger was taken ashore at Yokohama and another was air lifted via Helicopter mid Ocean at night time ( we hope these people are on the road to recovery) After yet another huge breakfast we embarked at Nagasaki Terminal ( why oh why do they call them terminals) and were able to get free Wifi and naturally caught up with email and managed to do a couple of blogs (Unashamedly I also downloaded a chapter of Coronation St just for Annie !) We boarded our bus and off we went to view the horrors that were Nagasaki & the Atom Bomb altho there are lots of horrific photo,s of he people and the devastation concerned in the events of August 1945 (my year of birth) out of consideration and respect I have decided NOT to put pictures on this Blog.We stood on the very spot where 500 metre above the power of the notoriously named A Bomb did its worst and how this City has rebuilt itself (even a 70 yrs) is a fantastic achievement for the locals and the feeling that overcomes the people standing on that spot is emotional almost impossible to describe.I am amazed at we people who live on a planet that has no equal in the known universes and yet all we want to do is kill each other !!.Memorabilia and artefacts from that era are shown in the Nagasaki Museum and not for the faint hearted.We headed back to he boat had more scrumptious food and drank wine on our balcony as a local school kids band played excellent orchestral music as we left port heading into a thick fog (or pollution !). Tomorrow KOREA>>>>

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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