Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Last Full Day spent at Sea

We are on the downward Run now and it is SO foggy outside that the front of the ship cannot be seen,for around 2 hours it was so dense the ships Foghorn was blasted every 2 minutes!!Annie kept busy during the day getting packed (way out of my league) and of course the heavy eating !! In the evening we watched a Magician ( he wasn,t too bad ) and then onto the main theatre to wtch a couple of Australian Musicians play a variety of instruments with the odd song thrown (she was not bad,he was bloody awful!!) and they go by the stage name of Mr & Mrs Smith !! Suitcases had to be packed and left outside the Cabin door by 8 am and we wtched the James Hunt movie (not bad) and had a late night.Due to travelling over the next couple of days NO alcohol is consumed! Day 8 and we are docked at out final destination Yokohama and after our last HUGE breakfast (for a short while) we boarded our bus for our final overnight hotel Narita Radisson and we had to wait 2 hrs before we could get into our room !! (not very helpful at all) at least the Internet is free and FAST giving me a chance to get my Blogs up to date (Linda,Canada) we had a delightful last meal conversation with a lovely couple of ladies from Toronto) In the hotel as we were waiting for our room lots of female stewardess,s from Delta Airlines were booking out and (sorry) not one of them looked under 60!! We are currently resting up in our room.Tomorrow we are up at 6 am for a final Japanese Breakfast and then onto Terminal 2 for our flight tl Heathrow and hopefully more interesting stories..

DSCN0916-resizedAt the front of the ship is the Crows nest and protrudes over the Ocean BUT is hidden by the Pea Souper or Is it Pollution?

Currently at Narita Airport 2 hrs away from Boarding next stop London Heathrow..the stay over at Narita airport was abit dismal,we arrived at 1 pm and would have to wait till 3pm before getting into a room (wouldn,t answer questions about transport to the Airport till 3pm,staff unusually cold on communication (a first in Japan) Breakfast was warm ( as opposed to hot) Airport staff are lovely and very courteous) Next stop London and MORE Blogs to follow



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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