Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

London ! we are HERE !!!

After a great flifgt from Narita/Japan airport and the lovely chechout lady at the airport giving us fabulous seat we arrived safely at Heathrow (I used my British Passport and breezed thru customs within minutes,as for poor ole Annie who 0n being Australian is considered to be an Alien ! ) and collected by our driver who drove thru the heart of London and delivered us safely at our home for the next 10 days at West Ham Football Club and we were amazed that our room is a converted private box that we can sit in whilst no games are played !  Empty ground and of course I sang my rendering of ” I,m Forever Blowing Bubbles” which of course is West Hams ( The Hammers) signature tune ! We then connected our Internet and received the worst ever family news that devastated me and Annie and she will be very sadly missed (xxxx) Night wasn,t  the best and after a lot of mind and soul searching we decided to continue the trip with tomorrows highlight being the meeting up of my son Michael,last seen 3 yrs ago

DSCN0922-resized        DSCN0923-resized        DSCN0924-resized        DSCN0925-resized

West Ham lives in the past and pictures and statues can be seen of Bobby Moore from 50 yrs ago winning the World Cup in 1966 (he was captain) This is West Hams last year at this ground (Boleyn) after over 100 yrs as they are moving to the newly built Olympic Ground at Stratford.The old ground will be house 840 flats !!!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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