Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Last Full Day in London

We took advantage of our Oyster Travel Card thats runs out at midnight today..SO..we jumped on a tube train and got of at London Bridge and walked around the very pleasant riverside walkway from Tower Bridge to London Bridge and even saw the Tower Bridge raised to let a tall masted ship thru! There was incredible structures to be seen and there was a MASSIVE steel sculpture featuring 2 sailors ! the Thames bridges are awesome and we managed to take some good photo,s before the rains started (first we have seen since being away) at this point we jumped ona bus once again using our cards and opted for ANY tube station where we promptly jumped on a train and landed at Kings Cross (this station is Londons main hub for above ground rail AND Tubeway) Apparently very soon after we left Kings Cross the station was closed down due to a drug bust !!!Since I was last at this Station a few years ago it has been thoroughly modernised and boasts a Platform 9.3/4 with lots of people waiting their chance of a photo shoot !! The Rains are very heavy now with a thunderstorm brewing so we opted for base after at last nipping into Macdonalds for an ice cream (OK so I,m addicted)



Michael will be joining us soon as he wants to see West Hams Ground before its gone forever to make way for flats next year


We had a farewell Dinner at WesT Hams Ground Diner and after a quick pic on the football fields we said our goodbyes but will meet up again in around 3 weeks time in Blackpool NEXT stop in a few hours DUBLIN !!!



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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