Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Marks Museum and its FREE !!

Today we met a new member of the family (Mark Yates) who has a shop on corner of Waterloo Rd and Blackpool Promenade is a lot more than just a shop selling confectionary and souvenirs ! Downstairs,back shop is devoted to arcade machines from yesteryear and avery happy misspent youth I spent as a lad growing up in this wonderful town.One macine type caught my eye because it was money spinner for us lads in those days (before spending money was invented) when resilient kids found ways of making money !! On the Penny roll aball machine we could lift the wooden coin collecting box by 1/8 th of an inch enabling me (and others) to slide a hacksaw blade into it and slide pennies out (Hope there,s no Policeman from those days reading this ! Back to the Museum also in this section are original Space Invader sit down tables.dancing Marionettes and a variety of other amusement contraptions (these machines can still be used)

UPSTAIRS  is a magnificent array of toy cars/soldiers/trams/camera,s  working train sets (and trams)  a great small reconstruction of Davros (go on look it up) when blown up looks so life like….Potteries from yesterday..a Waterloo Battle Field ( currently being modernised) Huge map of bygone Blackpool with an underground tram service I never knew existed>Phot,s I have taken do not do this Museum justice so for a better look  is a great reference to Marks work collected by his family for decades,If in Blackpool give him a call,say hello to chief of staff Nigel tell them Geoff mentioned it ( I promise you wont get thrown out) Thanks for the personal tour Mark…. PC ALERT !!!!   Golliwogs on show !!  Even a model of South Shore Open Air Baths !!Mark is the good lookin bloke on the left !!

DSC_0270-resized DSC_0248-resized DSC_0249-resized DSC_0252-resized DSC_0255-resized DSC_0263-resized DSC_0265-resized DSC_0268-resized  DSC_0271-resizedDSC_0242-resized DSC_0272-resized DSC_0274-resized DSC_0276-resized DSC_0278-resized


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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