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Toilets !! and other Interesting stuff

Having travelled around this wonderful world of ours I was amused by some of the toilets ( public and private) used around the world and I am inspired to do a log on said ablutions ( with pictures naturally) My own personal favourite can be found Central Australia and consists of TWO toilets next to each other one with lid DOWN and t’other seat up ! and of course it is a communal rest room. Whilst in Alice Spring one particular pub had razor blades and barbed wire encased in clear plastic !! Urinals world wide can be hilarious in shape and sies including Mick Jagger type lips ( the mind boggles!) to well designed flowers bearing realistic petals. Places that are poor or simply not cleaned and kept germ free ( yeah right) are rampant throughout the world and of course different religions and races vary in the method an individual actually uses the toilet

15-strange-and-unique-custom-toilets-from-around-the-world 3091146 5818346182_38fd114b7d_b Baja Do-not-leave-tissue-sanitary-napkins-or-anything-in-the-the-toilet-sign images IMG_1557 Malawi-e1321540890227 public-male-toilet-amsterdam2 toilets Trombone-toilets-e1323688634964 Zurich-e1322134205653

Public toilets where men can be seen in the open doing something NONE of us can do without!!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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