Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Day ONE of our road test and camping skills (Oh Dear !)

Friday 15th and let the fun start!!  Setting the slide on was a problem ending with Annie crying ib frustration,cup of tea and an indoor cool of courtesy of the magical aircon and after losing what seemed a bucket of sweat .everything was tip top.a quick shower and off we go heading for our first stop Maidenwell near the Bunya mountains.A quick stop relief at Woolooga and we we headed towards our destination we refueled at Nananga an eventually found our FREE campsite alongside a bushy waterhole teeming with birdlife which was also a KM away from                  falls a beauy spot that seemed ( to me ) about 10 000 feet be;ow !  Fortunately steps are provided and the area was populated with the few visitors taking a dip in the water.The Falls were not at their best display with the lack of water and being midsummer!!however in Wooloog a acoupl of years ago flood waters almost reached the house ceiling !! We settled in decided to give the inviting pub a miss (yes I did!) and sit away from the waterhole and watch all kinds of colourful birds sample the water.Night time we found we hadn,t got a TV aerial !!!TV we brought along had been viewed before so we opted for an 8 pm bed time,A very windy cool night was experienced and we managed to rise arrive at 8 am.Deciding to pay a visit to the toilet I mismanaged the outside step and went flying ( I was fortunate ? I fortunately enough grabbed the safety railing afore being hurtled onto the gravel BUT needed assistance via a portable step in order to regain a standing position,It has left a great bruise and scratches on my left leg IT has also put Annie in a good mood for the day having a good ole laugh at my expense !!!

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  1. Oh I’m with Annie. Was a great laugh. David in the other hand was concerned for you. Have you got rid of your Jayco Motorhome. Him to be obeyed keeps telling me – always go down steps backwards – how can I damn well see where I’m going 🙂 hope you are both well. Bout time you came to Tassie – our volunteer radio need you. Cheers to you both. Oh Annie. Granddaughter and I have been enjoying the ‘ribbons’ you gave me. Thank you again. 😍

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    Comment by Denise Cresswell | January 18, 2016 | Reply

    • Heyup yous2 hope all is well in Tassie,we are having a Ball and that was training for a biggie we are hoping to do a bit later on around )Maybe Tassie next year,who knows? Might come and camp on your land illegally.Keep ringing that beer bell David and you continue to ignore home Denise hehe Take care Geoff n Annie

      Comment by Luxxie;s Travels | January 19, 2016 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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