Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Wrought Iron,Me and Bragging Rights

In 1960 aged 15 yrs and 8 days old I started my apprenticeship as a Blacksmith Welder ( which as absolutely nothing to do with Horses!!) at Marton Forge 19 Bk Lomond Ave,Marton,Blackpool, Lancashire,England and over the course of the next few years I became very competent (smug I know)  and learnt my trade very well mainly because I thoroughly enjoyed it ! Fortunately I was also able to learn Cellulose Paint Spraying ( a skill I used at night doing part time work for a Stove Enamelers whilst saving to get married and support a baby) Over the years I have gotten lazy and since working in an entirely different field as a Social Trainer (30 yrs) I am now retired and kept some of my old tools from way back when ( including my Anvil) and Annie has given me a kick up the Bum and motivated me into creating ironwork as illustrated. At the grand old age of 70 I have been reborn (yes I still act like an 11 yr old too!) and bringing back some of ( I thought I had lost) the skills I learnt over 4/5 yrs.Sadly my skill appears to be a dying one as I haven,t seen many ironwork’s around (Its mostly forged prefabricated stuff now) I am pleased with the results and have decided to pat myself on the back ! although if  Annie has me making more pieces I fear our house will rust !!!!

 DSC_0009_320x212    DSC_0010_320x212    DSC_0011_320x212    DSC_0012_320x212

 DSC_0013_320x212    DSC_0014_320x212    DSC_0015_320x212    DSC_0016_320x212


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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