Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Day Two in Goomeri

Day Two
Up at around 8.30 am feeling tired ! After 2 brews and some toast we are now e vitalized ! a quick check on Slide on chains revealed one had slackened ( there are 4) took 2 minutes to sort and all is ( fingers crossed ) well.Motor started immediately meaning the Solar Panels are doing their work..Toilet break then walk into town ( pop of Goomeri is 500 and we are told will swell to 15,000 tomorrow!!) Plenty of garage sales going on,quick sausage sizzle and a lengthy chat with the people from SES and more window  shopping .We stopped  in a small well maintained cafe and sampled the Pumpkin Pie & Ice cream washed down with a lovely coffee,the pie was actually scrumptious !! Walking back we stopped at the Information Centre and got chatting to a lovely 85 yr old lady who was born in Goomeri and passed away 30 mins or so on how life in this lovely outback town has changed ! Two new arrivals and they are very friendly people and one has a pet parrot(Corella) that is being trained up to be released in the near future .After  a Pommie breakfast for Dinner we ambled over to the local pub and Annie was hit upon by a local !!  Students from Brisbane are starting to fill the pub so we headed for the Bowling Cub,,Arghhh its shut,Annie wanted to go to a rodeo that was on on the other site BUT decided not to go because of the distance.We tried the Gas light and it was brilliant only managed to drink ¾ bottle of wine as I spilt a full glass (sob) another bloody cold night !! Before bed tho we caught up with  few episodes of Corrie!!
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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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