Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

From Hervey Bay to Perth a proper Story Day 1

Day 1 2nd sept

Travelled over KMs thru various small outback towns and stopped at the Kilkivan Cafe to say thanks to the lady who helped me get an ambulance for  Annie who had broken her arm !! Today was extremely windy which helped slow us down and not reaching our target of 650kms as we whittle down the kms to the 5000 kms Perth !! We were hoping to cross via the Darling River Dirt track BUT disaster! the rains have flooded the roads there and consequently the roads are impassable & closed. Hopefully we might fit that in on the way back. We are currently a free campsite 50 kms this side of Goondiwindi. Because of the high winds we have decided NOT to light a fire. For some reason the chains (1 of 4) holding the Slide On in place has loosened twice. Hopefully after a wee bit of maintenance we seem to have mastered the problem. We sat outside for a while and just as we went indoors the rain fell and what a gale to go with it !apparently 4 ins of rain overnight ! the area was drenched !We watched part OKLAHOMA and was SO tired (after afew Bicardi n cokes) was in our very comfortable bed at 8.30 paway from home and I,m informed my Radio Prog as been given to someone else  EVEN while still in contract mode..SO Much for loyalty

day1-4_800x530   day1-3_800x530   day1-1_800x530



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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