Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Next Day avoiding the “Big” Wet !

Saturday we stayed at East of Penang (really)  going thru Eucla and getting a great coating of mud on the setup (Annie wanted to see the old Telegraph House)   .We went stopping at various viewpoints along the Nullabor .The last place was awesome the Cliffs were in their full glory at Bunda Cliffs Scenic look out and its free 75 kms East of The Border Village.We found a crowded overnight spot BUT coz we were 4 wheel  we moved well into the country and had a decent night.

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It seems we are heading into areas that have been flooded or are about to be.We were considering the Darling River Dirt track BUT once again it has been closed due to very heavy rains.Reports are short on this part of the trip because the landscape is a wee bit bland !  However we did come across a young Chinese lad ( been in Australia ONE day) who was travelling around this great country of ours on a pushbike ! he was a very pleasant young man willing to have his photo taken and my farewell “che che” amused him ( a phrase I picked up in Beijing and I have NO idea what it means !)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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