Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

The Boat Fun Continues

FRIDAY and another great breakfast in the Waterfront Restaurant..then off to Auckland for a look round (1500000 people live here out of 4000000) went to the Museum and was treated to some Maori history & a great show of the Haka.Aukland seems to be a very expensive place and I struggle to understand why it is so popular? There aren’t many beaches to boast about and the town is very hilly.stlll,as they say each to their own. Chip butties for me lunch and Annie has gone to the movies to see Aloha, we have booked into the Italian Restaurant for this evening, comments forth coming, whilst Annie was movie going I sat in the Atrium doing Sudoku and listening to the ladies while they solved a jigsaw puzzle. Dinner was at the Italian RESTAURANT Angelo’s and I was served with soup in a bowl carved out of bread (never seen before and it was delicious) finishing off with parmigana and of course sweets!! We ventured to the marquee to watch a futuristic very sombre musical and it was very dark and sang in a made up language, costumes as usual were brilliant BUT the show not to our liking! Later we caught the end of the quiz show and had fun in the Karaoke ( I sang the Banana Boat Song) our friend Peter sang an ACDC song, his voice was terrible BUT his AIR Guitar was fantastic, great laughs all round. We finished the night of in the DOME playing Majority Rules, some funny moments but on the whole a bit boring ( must be coz I had another alcohol free day !) EVERYBODY seems to live on mountains !!  Hardly any flat bits of land to be found !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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