Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Week 2 of our Cruise Monday

MONDAY Day started by getting stuck in the lift with a claustrophobic lady !!  Absolutely beautiful place BUT built on a bloody mountain!! After yet another ginormous breakfast we took a bus trip around Wellington with a ride on the Funicular Railway to the top of a mountain, streets are SO narrow and sharp corners, the driver was brilliant in negotiating all these  obstacles, the views were breath taking. We had a quick trip around an old wooden church ( not my thing tho) then onto a Rose Garden and Solarium and the flowers were awesome. Next was a trip up to Mt Victoria with a climb of 72 steps at the top and completely knackered me up BUT once again views were magnificent..I have NO idea why people would like to live atop a mountain with NO road to the house (Cars Park at the bottom of the Mountain & people walk up miles of steep steps, not many fat people here!) After a lovely meal in the Waterfront we watched the Show featuring a comedian (not very good, but his last session was OK) then onto the usual Karaoke and in the competition, once again LAST!..We did the Quiz and not too bad followed by me and Matt doing a Karaoke double, hilarious and just fun. We ambled into the Blue Room where a Beatles tribute was in progress and moved on to the Casino and called it a day in readiness for tomorrow’s day

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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