Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

D Day is looming

After a few good years in Hervey Bay,Annie & I have decided to go separate ways,hopefully will still remain friends.Once the house has been sold I will be heading for my home town of Blackpool BUT will continue to travel to Western Australia (hopefully) twice a year to see my lovely Australian family.I also have a large family in the UK I don,t get to see much but I hope to rectify that.HB is a lovely quiet place  to live but I miss my family & life long pals.Annie is going to settle into a new way of life within the next few months and I wish her well .Me? Im  gunna travel  up and down the UK maybe a bit of Europe whist still a member of the EU.Currently we are both in limbo awaiting the sale of the house .I have a few ideas I will attempt when in UK.One thing for sure is that I won,t stay still , still have some living to do,in the meantime Thanks Hervey Bay met some great people even a few bullies who I,m sure will get their eventual comeupance. My daily pier walk scenery will change dramatically to be able to utilize THREE different piers in Blackpool.Looking forward to seeing family and friends hopefully in lots of different pubs !!!  Here’s to a bright future for us all …Blog will continue once the moves have been made…..Oh and as for the Sunshine?  I have had enough to last my lifetime…roll on the SNOW,Bonfire Night,Christmas etc


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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