Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Europe,Skies and Flat Hunting and a quick look at cars

Brian & Tresha off to Sweden to watch Man Utd play football and Im in charge of Molly ! I was a bit concerned about my medications so I visited the Chemist that supplies my new meds and absolutely NO concerns at all the Pharmacists went thru them all and put my mind at ease .Next up another bus ride to Half Way House Pub that has a huge new shopping precinct PLUS a huge car yard where I drooled for a little while,obtained prices for white goods (so sad we sold those items cheaply in Australia) Earlier in the Day I did a flat inspection only to be informed my credit charge might cause problems !flat wasn,t too bad BUT the one I looked at in Bispham overlooking the Golf Course is awesome and reasonably priced (possibly because it is on the 3rd floor!) Fingers crossed I will go for this one  BUT not holding my breath.Near this site is the Devonshire Rock Gardens (Ive always known of this place but never visited and what a gem it is!) The weather is beautiful and actually warm & sunny with blue skies EXCEPT the sky is criss crossed wih vapour trails courtesy of aeroplanes,this a feature I,d quite forgotten about.Ive returned home,knackered after a very busy full on day,SO, quality time for Molly and feet up for me coz Ive worn them out !!!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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