Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

What a Grand Day lots Done

Up early as usual,my lovely niece dropped me off at the post office in Layton and had a good laugh with the shop girls, buying stamps.For no reason at all I passed the local Funeral Parlour inquiring on how much it is to get into Carleton Cemetery ( I have a lot of family in there and a lot more pals!) Pricey to say the least so Ive decided I,m not going to die its too expensive ! Registered myself at the local doctors and have secured THREE appointments in the near future and advised ALL my future prescriptions would be free! Next into town and the local library whereupon I renewed my out of date membership,such a lovely young girl on the help desk.Short walk on the Prom when the heavens opened up,THIS,is the Blackpool I knew so well.Walked through the magnificent Winter Gardens once more and sat reminiscing on the long lost days of my youth,queuing up to watch a Vincent Price/Peter Cushing and others Horror Movie (how tame they were considering the scary movies of today) The Galleon Bar is opposite the cinema (Winter Gardens Opera House) and is where I had my very first Guinness and suffered badly ! Needles to say I have never drunk Guinness since (  I was around 15 at the time) Filled with nostalgic thoughts of yesteryear I went into the local Market that was there when I was a nipper and bought a backpack for my camera and the obligatory Wallet.I also invested in a Will and will fill that in later.Quick advice direct from Hervey Bay that the house sale is progressing. My brother still doesn,t like computers but is happy enough to watch football on my laptop !  Next up is a night indoors watching,yes you,ve guessed it, more Football. Tomorrow is show night and hopefully a good one  Stay Tuned….


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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