Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Doctors,Pharmacists,Dominica and Flats

Started my medical regime today and to kick things off a visit to the Pharmacist at my Doctors is a must,Dominica put me through my paces and interestingly medicines in  the UK differ  hugely ! I have joined the Surgery on line and at first glance the systems looks really good and I have sent my nurse daughter the password so she can keep an eye on my medical history (I have lost my medical advisor and now to fnd for myself) ,My blood pressure is fairly high SO starting tomorrow its back on the diet and more exercising for me.Prescriptions here are FREE so I had a yellow needle box thrown in for nowt ( for my blood testing needles) I am so far, impressed with the way NHS is operated over here time will tell.Big family dinner tonight with 8 of us at the table ( all related)This morning Grand Niece Matilda was mesmerized watching Peppa Pig on my computer,I think we have bonded !!Lastly,I am getting frustrated looking for a flat and I will push hard to find one by next weekend.Over the coming weeks as the weather warms up I will trac=vel around Lancashire using my free bus pass to take (hopefully) some great photographs


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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