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Life is just beginning

Windy or What?

Gales were full on during the night ,the wind was howling,rain was very heavy and I love it !! First off this morning was a medical review at my new Doctors,medications have changed,weight is good,Blood pressure she is happy with AND they have taken me off Diabetic meds!!Took the obligatory bottle of pee along and just awaiting those results,Once again went to the Notary and hopefully had papers signed that should have been sent to me with all the other material,all done now and will be sent off tomorrow  all in all including post to Australia it has cost me 230 pounds!! (bed money) Hopefully that finalizes the house sale in Australia.Off to the Movies tonight no doubt followed by a Cider or few!After all?  I am celebrating my health news.Weekend promises to be good too we are all off to see Elvis (really) more on that from the venue.Changed me phone to 3 and cant get on it for a couple of days,Tomorrow will be spent bed/furniture looking ready for my new flat on Thursday.It was fantastic seeing the Irish Sea at its tempestuous best,reminded me of my childhood when we used to dodge the mighty waves (never once thinking how dangerous it was!)


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  1. Hi old buddy! Enjoying reading your about your days and getting yourself back on track! Good news about your health! I must say, you certainly enjoy life and you make frinds so fast and people are drawn to you with that great personality. I’ve had a bad bout of face cancer and had a big operation and now a big scar down my face. Would send you picture but not sure how to include them on here. My 3rd face cancer operation and another big one in Oct. That big picture on my Facebook page is to remember how I once looked….the before!!! I’m healing fast though and it was a cancer doctor who does plastic surgery as well, so he did a good job, although I have a bit of lopsided face. Not to worry, who am I trying ot impress at 73 years old eh? Tom is having health problems but he’s in his 90th year, so bound to have a few things. He has. bone and blood disease that we are watching closely, and so far it hasn’t developed into cancer which they say will at some point. We are thinking positive though and keep on smiling!

    Comment by Linda Williamson | June 13, 2017 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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