Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Suck on a Fishermans Friend,Fleetwood and Fish n Chips

Today I took a ride (freebie) ont the Blackpool Tram into Fleetwood passing the Fisherman Friend Lozenge Factory and it is HUGE !Tablets started life in 1865 as a liquid.Fleetwood is a (was) Fishing town that harboured lots of Trawlers until the 70,s ( as kids we used to catch the train to the Docks,sadly the railway ceased to be years ago and will be told in a future blog)My first Father in Law was a stoker on the Trawlers and my sister in laws dad and brother also worked on the boats) Back to Fishermans,most of the liquid was sold in bottles but were not suitable for trawlers and consequently made as a Lozenger  and now available n over 150 countries and worth over 165 million pounds, selling 5 BILLION Lozenges a year !! employing around 300

As a great Trawling town dating back to the 1830,s the fishing industry went into decline in the 60,s and is no longer used for the Trawling industry.We caught a train from Blackpool to Fleetwood s kids in the 50,s (Railway has also gone now) The town is still lovely and the ferry will take passengers across the River Wyre to Knott End ( will be discussed in future Blogs) I tried the Fish n Chips at a favourite Cafe I have come to know on previous trips BUT the price ( Pensioners Special) was a wee bit steep at 7 quid ! (Fish/Chips/Tea/B&B) My childhood memories came flooding back as I walked up and down Fleetwood prom and as time passes,memories may be included in future Blogs.Life is better than I thought right now and I will say IF  people want to throw Stones,please do,but, be prepared for them to be thrown back


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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