Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Queenstown,Dogs and Pubs

Pub life is alive and going well and I,m getting to know more and more people.Our “corner” is very popular and we have a core group of around a dozen (more added every week) Molly the dog has been crook ( sick ) but has come good and the eve of her owners returning from Turkey.I have added a picture that was a couple of streets away from where I was brought up and the area was known as Queenstown and reputed to be a tough area,I am friendly with a ex resident ( Queenstown was demolished a LOT of years ago ) I tease him on how he used to beat me up as a nipper when we cut through the area to use the playing fields (he didn’t really) On the bottom left is the post office I used to go for my mothers family allowance and food coupons ! Top area (tip of the triangular building) was a shop selling all kinds of Curtains,sewing instruments etc and is well known even today after all those past years Georgie Blackburns.Since they were demolished in the 60’s High rise flats were built and they have also been demolised and anew housing estate is currently under way.Picture provided is from Terry Diveney also known as ‘Nipper’ The group I sit with are mostly Blackpool lads and out discussions on the past are very interesting (should write abook maybe)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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