Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Removalists,Boredom and Solitude

Got a welcoming message from my Australian Removalist informing me they would be here in the morning and they were bang on time ,however,they came to access the site for delivery suitability and if a clear run was in order ! He drove from Manchester to do this and said it was suitable and the Office would be in touch for actual delivery ! Monday seems like a plan, I must admit tho the office staff ( whom I shall call Chris coz thats his name!) was a delight to chat with and he lives on a street in Oldham my Sister in Law did ( Copster Hill Road) Talking of coincidences my taxi driver lives on Belmont Ave 3 houses from where I lived  ( Blackpool Pop around 150,000 ) This move is a massive change of life for me and whereas boredom,solitude  was setting in Hervey Bay the change around has been brilliant,I am meeting people old and new,virtually got the freedom of Lancashire and Cumbria by virtue of my FREE bus Pass,altho my flat is 2nd floor it is comfortable and have 2 neighbours directly below me (lovely Ladies) I have a good pub life (Thurs/Fri/Sat and sometimes Sunday) with great friends who go to Benidorm twice yearly ( I wont make this years trips due to me being in Perth WA) Cost of the 10 day trip to Benidorm in March is around £200 and that includes meals !! Still on the look out for a car and came very close to buying one BUT at the last minute people advising me to lease one on account of regular reliability (apparently the way to go for people my age!) In conclusion altho I have loved Hervey Bay there is nothing there for me now and my Australian home will be in Perth as for my Blackpool move?  I should have done it when I got the warning signs and NO I dont miss the Sun but I do love the lovely wet,windy,stormy days that are part of my home towns make up…Happy Daze

STOP PRESS !  apparently the Bus Pass can be used throughout the UK with local Bus Companies …Its getting better daily..


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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