Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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Keep bumping into friends from my past and bumped into a lovely lady from our happy past days and reminiscing about plenty !!..I,m still struggling what car to buy..should it be Lease? Buy? or PCP ( I think) which means a monthly rental is paid and it is handed back to seller OR option to buy..Shopping is getting to be quite an adventure and getting to know more and more and people.The old banger I got is still reliable for short trips except the passenger door has now ceased and cannot be use,my nephew has redone springs and other bits enabling me to stay on the road !! Next weekend should be a hoot as I will have 4 passengers ho I will be taking to the brand new pub that is opening ( it is a refurbished pub that was named Uncle Toms Cabin) and in days gone by people used to take other peoples partners to that pub in the hope nobody would recognise them ! After all it is a wee bit of the beaten track deep in the North Shore area.Tuesday has gotten to be regular movie night and I wear my large overcoat so I can hide contraband ( toffees/lollies and drinks thus NOT paying exorbitant prices and the Cinema kiosk! I am feeling very comfortable now I have some of my gear from Australia set up and I can now actually use my digital radio I have had for years ! ( Hervey Bay not equipped for the technology yet) Although single life is agreeing with me I am starting to put weight on,even tho I climb a bloody mountain daily to get to my flat ! Perth is planned for September and hopefully closure will be empowered on my banking and other things, i need to be 20 yrs younger !! I am hoping winter will produce some snow especially around Christmas when my daughter and family arrive and the nights are drawing in (Darkness around 9 .15 pm till 4.30 am)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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