Geoffs Life After Work !

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Brilliant Weekends in Perth n Fremantle

Friday we went to a newly refurbished Whitfords for dinner in the new Chinese Bar,food was great but service left a lot to be desired I got mine after complaining they had forgotten me (and they had) What a fantastic weekend ! Started Saturday by helping with house maintenance and the out for a BBQ at mt nephew & nieces beautiful home.Wine was flowing freely,food was bloody lovely and the chat was very interesting,the kids were happily watching cartoons while the big people carried on having a lovely evening.Their daughter Cass called in to say hello and bought me my favourite Cash White Wine ( others call it a cardboard box,which in reality is!) Ifinished the night off with a delicious Baileys and feeling very merry to boot!

Sunday daughter Jayne and S.I.L Paul took me and the kids on a mystery tour and ended up at an adventure workshop,We started off by going on a 9D virtual reality plane and roller coaster ride,altho we didn,t move from our seats it seemed we were actually doing the rides ! admittedly I closed my eyes a couple of times and the kids were beaming (think I heard the S.I.L screaming too !! I became a spectator as the others played Computer induced Ball Games and was quite happy to do so

Next up we traveled to a kids playground in Bibra Lake and in all my life time I have NEVER seen a play park as good as this !! At this point I was extremely jealous because I wasn,t a kid!It is a brand new Park and full credit to the Bibra Lakes council for making it so family orientated

After this episode finished we went off to one of my very favourite spots FREMANTLE and we went into Joes Shack for the obligatory Fish n Chips washed down with beer ( naturally).The outside of the building looks wrecked BUT never judge a book by its cover ! it was lovely inside and we had great window views of the harbour. Freo was absolutely packed with people (first proper sunny hot day since Ive been back) and we were very lucky to find the one vacant car parking spot in Freo!! We were all feeling rather knackered after this and took the beautiful Indian Ocean coastal drive home..What a fantastic weekend !


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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