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Tara for now Perth

I have had a great 3 weeks with family and its almost time for me set of to Blackpool .IF Western Australia were a country on its own merits it would be the 10 th biggest country but has a population 0f around 2.5 million ( I think they all go to same beach as I do when I go !) Cottesloe Beach was our very first area we visited when we arrived in Oz in 1982 and a lot different than the Blackpool beach where I grew up and loved (still do) Time has gone so quickly and I m sure as we get older the days are shorter ! I have been lucky enough to have travelled all around this state and viewed a lot of the breath taking sights (also motor homed around Oz 3 times) my twilight years will be spent exploring the UK and beyond as I still have a great passion for life ‘Maybe in the future years I will “rerun” around Australia again ( I should be twins) even at this ripe old age I have the strongest of urges to see more and more SO for now (until next March at least) farewell Perth,you have been good to me .Hervey Bay was great BUT rapidly becoming just a memory.I now have an 18 hr (spread over 24hrs) flight ahead of me BUT Christmas just around the corner and I feel that is going to be absolutely fabulous as they say Tara for now


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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