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Bloody Mobile Phones

Walking around this lovely town B;ackpool it is very noticeable of people using mobile phones ! Pram pushers with a phone in hand and sometimes oblivious to others around them,people walking aimlessly staring at the little tiny screens texting other people who are probably in the same situation Its  a BLOODY disease !

Warning Sign For Texters.

People have been killed and have killed while using mobiles whilst driving ( and yes it is illegal) What do they talk about that is so important?I have been to parties where people sat next to each other are texting to each other ! Whatever happened to good old communication? face to face talk/chat? I was brought up when telephones in house were rare and mainly used in business,s .

‘OMG! Ther wos a tym wen ppl talked 2 1 another?’

My pet hate is going to the cinema and some Pratt has to look at their well illuminated phones and I have occasionally shouted “Oi,I,m here to watch a movie ! turn your phone OFF ! and yes there are ample warnings before the main movie to Shut Down,but no,idiots cant go into the foyer or toilet,it is VERY important to use the mobile whilst the main film is showing !! I do admit they have their uses for emergencies or to know the whereabouts of children etc.

‘If only texting was an Olympic sport.’

My ex missus fell over once and really hurt herself I had never used a mobile before even tho she had one ! Rather embarrassingly I had to ask a passer by to ring for an ambulance ! I have since learnt (quite expertly really) how to use one . I am currently learning to use Blue Tooth ( I originally called it Blue Teeth) and find it very useful playing my music from my mobile to my new cars radio system.Also I have learnt how to use my mobile as a Nav/Sat very successfully.I can do banking,get bus and train timetables even book a cinema ticket.So YES they do have a great use BUT can we still keep actually talking to each other,turn your mobile off in cinemas or any other business  where instructed to turn them off.Must go I have to text the Pub !!



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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