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North Shore,the Cliffs and a Dead Boating Pool

There’s quite a rise from sea level to the main road of Blackpool seafront promenade which is known as the Cliffs – climbing from Gynn roundabout heading north to Bispham. Rocks were made from a secret mix of cement, poured over brick, clinker, smaller rocks and building rubble to create what was viewed to be a quite realistic rockery landscape. Today I took a nostalgic walk along the Rock Gardens on onto the Promenade below Blackpool’s artificial Cliffs towards the dying Boating Pool and once again nostalgic memories from my younger days came flooding back.In days gone by the Boating pool in the Summer was packed with Holiday makers utilizing the man made lake via Rowing Boats,Canoes and Motorboats .We would tie a sea mussel to a piece of string and catch small crabs ( all thrown back in) All that has gone now,water drained and a rubber tyre go cart arena was formed ( now in the progress of being dismantled ) Man made cliffs ( used cunningly as a support for the higher ground ) were our playground and me and my mates have spent many hours scaling these magnificent structures ,never ever thinking we could fall off them ! Altho the grassy slopes look worse for wear and also we are in the middle of a very cold winter  they grass up very quickly in the Summer , we often “slid” down them never thinking how dangerous it was! Now the snowflake generation wrap their kids up in cotton wool deriving them of wonderful outdoor FREE playgrounds,sadly kids these days have their faces stuck in mobile phones and I,m sure future kids will evolve with 6 inch thumbs used for texting! We are to embark on a diet and will utilize these walkways ( Not I hasten to add scaling the cliffs!) in an effort to lose weight


Above the Cliffs where Trams run is a Rockery garden that now looks very sad (due to winter conditions maybe) but in days gone by people would flock to these gardens and simply admire the wonderful man made gardens . I did notice spacemen trying to land perhaps they have come to brighten up this wonderful area above and below?


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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