Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

PennyStone Rock Blackpool

When i was a nippers and the extensive promenade running from Lytham St Annes via Blackpool to what was in those heady days a fishing port known as Fleetwood (Fishermans Friend Lozenges are made in Fleetwood and the very famous Alfie Boe was brought up there)was our playground.Opposite the Redbank RD area out in the Irish Sea is a large rock ( seemed like a mountain when we were kids) known as PennyStone Rock having lots of unsubstantiated stories and folk lore  to make it more interesting.It is written that in the 1500,s this “rock” was part of a village known as Singleton Thorpe.In that far off time the sea was further out and it is rumoured this place was surrounded by Forest. Singleton Thorpe was one of several villages overcome in the great flood of 1555 when the sea surged inland Pennystone Rock was supposed to be close by a public house and had an iron ring fastened to it for horses to be hitched to whilst their owners had a drink. This is mentioned in “The Story of Blackpool“, though the authors of that book couldn’t confirm the existence of the ring. Pebbles are strewn around the rock and are rumoured to have been part of a road.Penny’O’ Pint was the name of the Pub built next to the rock. Wouldn,t it be nice if Tony Robinson could do one of his TIME TEAM show from there?




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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