Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Roller coaster 18 months

So much as happened over my long Blackpool stay,having to travel back to Perth every 6 months to keep my EARNED Australian pension active.The great thing about the British pension is NO matter how much you have in the bank IF you have paid into the system you will get a FULL pension,meanwhile in Australia pensions are calculated on what assets held or how long is spent overseas.Having left Hervey Bay after a few years I headed off to Perth for a rethink on my future (yes even at the ripe old age of 73) and decided to return  to the land of my birth and the best place on Earth to be brought up in…BLACKPOOL !! and it proved to be a great move.2017 Summer was very eventful and full on with different activities and having so many choices as opposed to the very laid back HB . Started to use a local pub and met some lovely people both new and from my school days.joined the pub Domino Team ( really) and traveled to away games at some great pubs and clubs,finishing the season on a singles and double win and a quick karaoke sing song during the break!! Christmas saw my eldest daughter and family over from Perth and we had the BEST Xmas and New Year I have had for a long time.Weather wise tho? it was bloody freezing !!!but loved it ! This Year can only be described horrific in a family way having lost my youngest daughter so young in life after starting a dialogue from a long time no speaking to each other,the hurt will never go away but in a strange sense SO glad we made up .Her daughter Athena is our mini Emma and steps will be taken to attain Grandparents rights within a few weeks time on my Australian return.Summer is almost gone and people have been so unbelievably supportive,my flat is great but I now have to let it go.Weeks are flying by here and I will miss Quiz nights,weekly movie visits with my nephew,BIG family get togethers BUT on the other hand a nice warm Christmas and New Year in Perth with my Australian Family  and hopefully another travel around. Entertainment and Social events in Blackpool are second to none and all being well should be back for 2019 Summer. Englands trip into the World Cup were fantastic and there is SO much more happened to me BUT my typing finger is almost down to the bone ! Thanks to all those who have given me strength by all your loving support  Peace to you all



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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