Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

2019 Wot a Year !!

What can I say? this year has been exceptional, the first half was in UK and July moved back to Perth where life is great. I still do my Sunday radio show and charts tell me it is going along very nicely. In September I became a founder member of our local Seniors group (Probus) and hold the position of joint editor of our newsletter. I have been invited to various functions and meeting some lovely people. Our group has so far amassed around 60 senior members and they are a great bunch of people. I am currently learning and playing Chinese Mahjong ( a very good game having to use my brain a lot !!  laughing not allowed) Our President Moy makes the best syrup lemon cake ever !! Next year our club will really take off with a host of outings already planned and next week we will hold our first ever Christmas Lunch at some fancy restaurant. Christmas is already starting to look good with a big family Christmas envisaged. Last week was Helen’s 70th birthday and was held in a fancy Perth restaurant (all this fine dining is making me pile on the kilo.s but who cares?) My weekly visit to Emmas is now highlighted by fish and birds visiting me because of the bread I have introduced on my visits and its truly lovely watching them.Next year (hopefully) is a big milestone in my life and it looks like the club are arranging a day out at the wineries !! (noooooo!!!!!!)  SO? do have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for a bright 2020 (sounds like a cricket match!!)  Life is good,keep smiling coz its infectious ! x



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  1. and then 2020 Covid arrived !! and changed the world forever

    Comment by Luxxie;s Travels | August 21, 2020 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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