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Covid/Hospital & Life

It all started as a pain in my side as I self diagnosed (because I’m an expert) as wind ! Went to bed feeling sorry for myself and 12 hrs later the wind had gone,however,I was feeling lethargic and regularly vomiting and unable to eat and continued for 4 days.My son in London rang and I had to fob him off quickly because I was about to throw up! Within hours my daughter came over ( my London son had rang her and told her about my sickness ) virtually dragged me by the ear to a flying Sunday Doctor visit! I was sent to Joondalup Emergency Hospital. All was going well at Triage when I started coughing,I was immediately given a mask and put in a COVID isolation Ward..arrgh because of these awful times everyone is a suspect !!! I wasn’t allowed visitors for 24 hrs and all staff had to wear equipment that was immediately destroyed after leaving the room ! Female staff were brilliant , the only exception was a male staff who seemed terrified of being in the same room ( I didn’t have COVID). One nurse made me a lovely cup of tea and I mused are you tea connoisseur ? she promptly said Yes and showed me cup & saucer with a teabag tattooed on her arm , honestly ! At around 1 am I was taken to the Isolation Ward and remained there for 24 hrs and given the all clear…hoorah…and moved to private room in the main ward . I am still here awaiting further examinations and hoping to be sent home tomorrow.Its a wait n see situation now.Staff have been incredible,,to all my family and friends who have sent Well Wishes I thank you,they have really helped. Upwards and Onwards now..The moral being ? DO NOT cough at Triage interviews if you do not have COVID !!!!


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  1. Oh my gosh Lux! You poor guy. So maybe it was some kind of stomach flu? Eat something gone off a bit? I’m sure they did all kinds of tests and eventually will have some answers for you. So happy you’re on the mend though…and that it is NOT Covid. Please keep us posted and we will surely send all good healthy vibes your way….all the way from Canada to Joondalup! xo

    Comment by Roxanne | December 2, 2020 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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