Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

These oh so different times

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough for my family to take me to see a movie and a meal. The area is full of eateries that were well patronized , bars and were full of people enjoying their leisure time. Meals at various places were also very reasonably priced .I am at an age where i don’t give a toss about what food is good or bad for me so I opted for the very fattening, deliciously tasting humble hamburger with chips ( What’s fries?) Entertainment was provided by a not too bad singer/guitarist doing his very best to make people happy .Speakers are placed in all the venues enabling all customers to enjoy the music (I did) The Cinema complex is awesome and I was very impressed with the way the seating is placed to comply with the horrid virus that has spread worldwide i.e. the seating is individualized with adequate spacing between seating with lots of leg room,the movie wasn’t too bad altho I think my youngest grandson was a tad scared of the all conquering King Kong and Godzilla ! Having lots of family over in the UK I am very aware of the different ways of life is now happening between my 2 countries and hopefully everything will return to normal once more in the very near future.This year is not looking good for my what was once regular visit to my home town Blackpool in the UK ,BUT, fingers crossed for 2022 and will probably be my last visit there as sadly my advancing age is not slowing down! Strange how as a young bloke weekends took what seemed a lifetime to arrive,now come around in the blink (seemingly) of an eye Stay safe and stick by the rules,get the jab and hopefully a brighter future is just around the corner


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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