Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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I have just watched a lovely film as seen through the eyes of a young lad at the beginning of world war 2 . He was originally bound for Australia but his mother withdrew the move in a lovely showing of love and not wanting her family to be disbanded. Children saw houses being bombed and yet used the destroyed buildings as their playground of course the consequence of death never entered their minds ( I too thought we were indestructible at their age !) Young girls aged 15 were leaving school ( as did I at just 15 yrs and 2 weeks old) and had boyfriends.The young girls of the day were inventive with their dress styles and wouild even draw lines down the back of their legs to look “cool” ( a word not used in the looking good sense of today) Camaraderie amongst neighbours was great and all people affected by the bombings supported each other in a very caring fashion and all and I mean everyone was patriotic to the core (Something that seems lacking these Pandemic days) I was born in 1945 and the war was almost over,but those early days were among the best of my life,no TV,phones and street games were common due to hardly any cars parked on the roads! I am so glad I lived through those early years when young life was just plain and simply for fun.A good fun part in the movie was all the school kids thanking Adolf as they turned up for school only to find it had been burnt to the ground by the German bombers ! .Depicted in the film was families having Sunday dinner together and sat around the radio listening to entertaining programmes.I could go on for ages BUT I am happy with the memories of my fantastic youth,Peace to you all


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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