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Australian Housing & Land & Employment & Made in Australia

Been having a look around Perth Centre and so sad to see people sleeping in doorways, and at the moment the weather is the worst I have experienced in 4o years !! So much wind and rain! Must be Global warming ? although currently it is freeeezing !! Australia is currently witnessing massive rent hikes, housing prices have gone balmy, people who cannot afford rent or they are being snapped up because of a huge demand and shortages,rents are at a record high etc are resorting to living in their cars and some have children.What I don,t understand is why the government doesn’t build more, this Island has so much land to spare .An Aboriginal M.P who is no longer with us suggested a pipeline is brought down to Perth from the top of Western Australian where the water catchment area is apparently 3 times as large as Sydney harbour and I believe has been said it can actually be seen from space it is so BIG ! I am fortunate enough to have stayed up in that area and the Ord River is amazing !! Billions have been spent and lost on this horrible disease that has affected the world and yet when it comes to peoples basic welfare there is no money to be found. New towns can be built anywhere in the massive space we have here (3 times the size of Europe) water from the Ord dam would supply the new towns quite easily . Money shouldn’t be a problem, employ people out of work,build factories BIGGER than those in China .I have shopped around for different items from clothes ware to pots and pans to fridges and freezers ALL made in China with it being very difficult to buy Australian made wares,we have the space. So C,mon Aussie C,mon ,think positive, think future


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  1. Same here Lux. Housing prices gone wild.

    Comment by Roxanne | July 29, 2021 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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