Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

This Blog dedicated to Nowhere Boy 2009

Just watched a movie on John Lennons pre fame life and the camera work was so good it stirred a lot of my youthful early days. His radio was probably a Bakelite cased model ( I had one wih lots of live bulbs inside) the wiring was probably pre plastic and outer protective “skin” was like a old fashioned bandage ( material) Mine was connected to the ceiling light outlet and I listened to it under my blankets ! (no idea why I,m still alive !! Teddy boys were the fashion of the day, drainpipe jeans with turn ups.Jackets woth velvet collars.brothel creepers (suede shoes with around 1 ” soles ! and of course lime green socks ( not the same pair,but I still wear them today !! later on in life we got to wear very pointed Italian winkle pickers ) Hair was fashioned with Brylcreme using a comb that was very greasy !! But so what? we looked great (lol)

Story was around the late 50,s .Buddy Holly was back ground music and Lennon apparently tried to imitate him .Buddy was and still is my all time musical hero and sadly he never made the 1960 ,s.My home town Blackpool was instrumental in this movie and the North Pier jutting out into the Irish Sea was instantly recognizable !! and also part of my child hood playground. Characters (holiday makers) wearing Kiss Me Quick Cowboys hats were very popular and also an open invitation ( ahemm) Donkeys giving rides ( me and my younger brother used to run them for their owners)

Skiffle groups were very popular,instrumens used were a Tea Chest with a broom handle stuck in the and ONE string that was plucked for sound.I used to support a good late friend of mine who played and he is sadly missed .Smoking in the school bike sheds was p[popular coz in those days smoking didnt kill !!

Summer village type Gala,s were fantastic fun and put together in some country side field.Getting home from scchool and lighting the coal fire on very wintry days,being able to buy bundles of kindle wood from the local corner shop and there was always snow in Jan.Feb doesnt seem like that now

Cigarettes 100p a packet,beer not much dearer but the at just 15 my first work pay was 2 pound 10 shillings !! Short telephone numbers,deck chairs and Tape Recorders ! hoping no one walks in the room as I taped music of the Radio.

So much to remember,didnt have much money BUT we were happy and most of all we had FUN !! Would have written more but its currently 42C in my non conditioned office !!! Happy New Year to you all


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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