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Ageism versus Youth

Recently watched Punk Rockers series PISTOLS, and was interested to hear them taking on the world in the early 70s. Interestingly as young teenagers they referred to old people not accepting their music and being dinosaurs , are now themselves pensioners. Admittedly I was of the same opinion as a teenager but on reflection I wish I had envisioned what the future held for we potential “oldies” and how we could make it better. Through the generations I and my peers never gave much on how to plan our retirements ( hindsight is a wonderful thought) .The NOW generation are probably of the same opinion as I was back in those now far off days. Old age is a privilege and I am grateful to be in this “state” as a lot of my immediate family and some great friends are no longer with us .Yes I miss them very much and IF a time machine is invented I will revisit a lot of my past earthly adventures .A favourite song of mine in the 60.s by the group The Who featured a line “Hope I die before I get Old ” (Song My Generation) and the lead singer would be in his late 70s! Some of my “now” ageing friends are confined to wheelchairs and the greatly use of walking aids and tales of falling over ,unable to get back up without assistance.SO message for you young uns ? beware hopefully you will reach seniority. Moral is…don,t wait for age to creep up unexpectedly, plan for the future .Stay Safe


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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