Geoffs Life After Work !

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1959 Buddy Holly,s Final Year

I went to watch the Buddy Holly Story be shown at a theatre in my home town of Blackpool and shed a little tear listening to the great mans songs being acted out on stage/\.Memories came flooding back on the way we lived and the simplicity of it all .At times I wore jeans to school that had holes in them and considered to be a poor person,oh how I wished I had saved those Jeans and could have sold them today as designer gear.Young teenage girls wore dresses that had underskirts underneath their dresses,hair styles were fabulous and the Teddy Boy era was coming to an end.Buddy was and still is my favourite singer of all time.I was in a friends house when the news came through and as a 13 yr old I was devastated .His music is still with me and once upon a time I had all the LPs,singles and CDs ( now in Queensland with my ex) The show itself was great and as always ended sadly with the deaths of Buddy,thje Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens.Its pleasing to know that after Buddy,s death 64 years he still lives on through his music .I have relocated back to UK and my home town is famous for putting on top class theatre shows for the Summer season ( which is just about to start and hopefully I will get to see more live musicals this coming season


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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