Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Ten Pound Pomms

Just watched the series and it imediately brought back memories of when we left the UK in 1982 being the last group of “Pomms” to get assisted passage to Australia.We chose Perth Western Australia simply because it had the best sunshine average ! We arrived by flight and met some people who after 41 years are still our friends ( we have made many more in the 41 yrs in Australia ) I had forgotten all about the Nissan huts that were to become our home for 5 months (we also found them to be liveable) and the communial hall where the food was not the best !! Spiders were a part of our new life,a creature I was previously terrified of in the UK and I can now happily testify I have been cured ! Kangaroos were and still are plentiful,although on my Australian run around I have seen many sadly killed at night by cars.Kookaburra,s making their loud laughing calls in the morning,crows and the notorious magpies protecting their young if we dared stroll into their territories ! The RED terrain ,the outback towns looking very Victorian and of course Aboriginees ( a full blood who is also gay is the godfather to my late daughter) I am only into Episode 2 and the memories of me and my wife at the time bringing 2 little kids from our UK home to Western Australia .England is where my roots are and after 41 yrs I am back in Lancashire doing the bucket list and thank Australia for being a home and a massive part of my life. Yes were were Pomms ( not much of a whingee tho) and dismissed people who attempted to name call call us .


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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