Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Tradesmen of Hervey Bay (well Roller Door Motor Installers)

We were recently introduced to a “tradesman” who had come to fit an electric motor to our garage roller door !! The day started when he arrived.,walked straight into our kitchen and informed me the Electric Cooker was a load of crap (even tho it has never been used !!) he says hello and called me a pomm ( no worry Ive heard it thousands of times before) then he set to work with his mate smoking in my garage and profoundly swearing (I let all this ride as I wanted the job done and him gone !!) He & matey left an we tried the roller door > WOW !!  the green pulley tag had been BOLTED to the wall ! ( Its there for quick release IF the door jams !!) and it was TAUT TIGHT  no way would it move.I also noticed the roller was not level and the “machine” which had been installed was on a slant.Upon pressing a button to get the door to go up or down using the Gizmo provided proved to be disastrous.Great clanking noises were emitted from the digital apparatus.Next day I rang the builder and the installer came to investigate.He asked what was wrong and I told him “Not level,Green string bolted,installed digital motor not doing its job ” He became rather irate,called me an effing Pomm and walked away from the job !! I am currently awaiting him to come round and dismantle his bad workmanship and will demand the damage to the wall be put back to its original state ! 3 days no show from Ray from the Seychelles ( who I think runs a kitchen cabinet firm !!)  Stay tuned

(non) Instalation and balls up courtesy Ray from Hervey Bay Door Centre


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  1. Hi Luxxie, old pal!
    You lead the most interesting life! I’ve never met anyone as adventures as you and Annie! You sure found in each other the perfect mate! I would love to meet her, and I bet everyday is a laugh and an adventure with you. Congratulations on your new home, but when do you expect to actually live there.
    Tell me exactly where to look on the map for you!
    Life here is okay. Thanksgiving today and we are full of turkey and pumpkin pie!
    Did I miss a picture of your new home??
    Love to you both
    Linda and Tom

    Comment by Linda | October 11, 2011 | Reply

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    Comment by flat iron news | October 17, 2011 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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