Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Shifting House,Bloody sore foot and changing paperwork from WA to Qld !!

Most of the unpacking has been done,just need to put it into some sort of  pattern !!  My games room is coming on nicely and small sized snooker table in position and woodwork polished !!Changing paperwork because we are from Western Australia into Queensland paperwork is like moving from one country to another !!  Each state has its own driving licence and motor registration.My personalized number plates cost Ann $300 in WA    BUT to change them to Qld plates will cost me @2500 SO I,ll keep the bus registered in WA !!Health card,Pension card,Seniors card et al all have to be changed COME on Australia  make it ONE Australia !! Different states also have different speed limits .Because I have been houseband with the cursed gout ,pictures are at as low SO I,ll bore readers with a look at our new house.We have met our across the road neighbours and although retired he is a professional GEM cutter and Ive been promised a go when he has his shed built ( We are also having one built ready for doing my bit of welding and Annie wants to construct her  quarter finished Dolls House ( Im aching to get going on building my electric train set ( SO? Im back into my childhood ,lifes good)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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