Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Hellyer Forest and Strahan

We travelled deeper into Tasmania on our way to Queenstown via the rainforest in Hellyer and this was a magical night .It was deep in the forest not far from the rapid stream (very cold and pristine clear) We decided to stay the night and were without power supply or water  BUT the internal battery was enough for the lights (will last up-to 3 days if needed) Battery Power will only feed the lights plus the telly ( ah such jungle luxury) We also have sufficient water for a few days and of course the obligatory gas cylinders .I told Annie before retiring I would put twigs around the bus in case of any mad axemen roaming around in the night  and she would hear them snapping ( Gawd I’m turning into a bush man !) The surrounding area is magnificent and darkness lasts from around 9.30 pm till 5 am and just to keep the theme of mad axemen going we watched True Blood !!! There are SO many photo opportunities and it is impossible to fit them on one blog . I might do a part 2 when we reach Queenstown It was sad to notice the forests that have been hacked down for the sake of wood chippings ( to throw on the garden !) Hopefully on our travels thru out Tassie we will do more of these free camps


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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