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Feral Cats and the destruction they cause in the bush

Passing thru the pristine mountains/forests and babbling streams/brooks of Tasmania I saw an exhibition of what cats  can do,so Cat lovers ? be very aware of what YOUR Cat is capable of IF not controlled ! In my view they should be licensed same as dogs and not allowed to roam streets etc. freely !!


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  1. These invasive-vermin had nearly completely annihilated all the wildlife on my land. Native prey was tortured to death for cats’ play-toys, native-predators starved to death because cats destroyed all their food sources. I ended up having to shoot HUNDREDS of them because none of the few remaining predators would have anything to do with them.

    I first started to try to combat this problem ecologically. After having argued with demented cat-lovers for years and was getting nowhere, how bad the problem had become was finally brought to my attention by a starving wild raccoon who risked everything and dragged her two starving pups to my door in the middle of the day. She couldn’t even make milk for her two surviving pups. I then thought I could increase the populations of the local predators to have them get rid of the cats for me. (FYI: With my help, she and her two pups (as well as a couple remaining gray-foxes and other species) went on to help sire dozens more over the years.)

    During an extensive 10-12 year effort of increasing the populations of the few remaining predators; fox, raccoons, opossum, etc.; I discovered why the problem got so bad to begin with. Any time a cat would enter the wildlife feeding area, all the wildlife would scatter, as if a bear had just entered the area (which had happened at times, with the same response from all other animals).

    I was dumbfounded. This was, after all, the “army” I was trying to raise to deal with these cats. Hoping they’d put cat on their natural menu. When I realized this wasn’t working, and on advice of local law-enforcement, I decided to shoot all the cats — reluctantly, but realized I was left with no other choice. I thought, now, at last, for once, these cats could finally supply some food for all the wildlife that the cats had denied them all these years. The ones I had been feeding for all those years (at times my yard area had up to 60 assorted wildlife at any one time, they were using my place like an emergency station). But still no go. Every time I put a dead cat in the wildlife feeding area, all the wildlife would STILL run away until I removed the cat (or cats). I finally gave up trying to feed them cats, until the last winter when I had shot one of the few remaining ones. An all-gray cat. The only all-gray cat I had seen during these years.

    I had a family of opossum that had been living right next to the house under a tarp for a couple years, so I thought that winter I’d offer a cat to them, as one last effort to get wildlife to eat “cat”. Success! They gnawed on part of it.

    Then it dawned on me. It was the cats’ bold coat patterns that were scaring the wildlife away. Any bold patterns on an unknown animal is perceived universally as a warning sign to all wildlife that that animal must have some hidden toxic or olfactory defense mechanism. It finally all made sense. This is why you’ll read reports online of how someone’s “Mr. Fluffy” scared that “nasty” coyote out of their yard. The cat’s non-existent bravado had nothing to do with it. It was the cat’s coat-pattern alone that scared away that much larger predator.

    But then what didn’t make sense, was that that whole opossum family died. Heartbreaking to say the least. I HAD CAUSED THAT by trying to feed them cat-meat. Then I went online and discovered all the heinous diseases that cat’s spread everywhere today. Including even the plague (people have died in the USA from contracting plague from cats, no lie). In a way, the predators are acting appropriately. Cats DO have a hidden toxic defense mechanism. Wildlife evading and avoiding predating on cats may be the only thing that is saving many of them today. But this still doesn’t stop the cats from wiping out all wildlife by destroying the whole food-chain, all those animals who won’t prey on cats end up starving to death. As what happened on my land.

    This is a 100% man-made problem that is now going to require a 100% man-made solution. Don’t count on nature to pull our asses out of this disaster this time. It’s not going to work. And any method based on trapping doesn’t work either. I did the extensive research. NO trapping program ANYWHERE has managed to trap more than 0.4% of cats in ANY area. The other more-than 99.6% always exponentially breeding out of control. Trap & kill doesn’t work, trap & sterilize doesn’t work. Neither can surpass cats’ breeding rates.

    After I had ridded my land so successfully of hundreds of cats by shooting them (and NONE returned, contrary to the TNR (trap, neuter, return) lie of the mythical “vacuum effect”), I came to the painful conclusion that the ONLY method that will save us now is “hunted to extinction”. For it is the ONLY method that is faster than a species can out-breed and out-adapt to.

    Spread the word, before your land and world die under a mountain of cats.

    Comment by woodsman001 | January 9, 2012 | Reply

  2. p.s. I’m in the USA. I know you have a problem with opossum “down under”, but here they are an admirable animal. With their body temperatures so low, they can’t even contract nor spread rabies, nor many other typical communicable diseases. What my opossum here died from that was in that cat has me greatly concerned because they usually don’t spread nor get common diseases.

    Comment by woodsman001 | January 9, 2012 | Reply

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